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Pete Billington began his career in 1995 with Silicon Graphics Inc, where he worked as a professional services web consultant for five years. He left Silicon Graphics, joining Alias|wavefront as an Application Engineer. During the two years at A|w, he earned certifications to teach Maya Rendering, Character Animation, Dynamics and Compositing. He consulted to several production facilities, including LucasFilm, ILM, Tippett Studio and PDI/Dreamworks.

Prior to his current position, Pete contributed to Star Wars: Episode II at Skywalker Ranch, and served as an onsite Maya Troubleshooter for The Matrix Reloaded at ESC. He has completed several independent short films, one of which is currently on iFilm.com.

Pete's most recent roles include serving as a CG Designer for the Robert Zemekis film The Polar Express and Visual Effects Supervisor for the Doug Chiang teaser film Robota: The Hunted. At Siggraph 2003 he delivered a masterclass on the subject of Camera Mapping Techniques, and spoke at Siggraph 2004 about small production team workflow.

Pete Billington studied studio art and computer programming at Santa Clara University where he graduated Cum Laude. His thesis, entitled: Interior Design for the Techno Geek, focused on sculptural furniture and artwork fabricated from discarded computer technology. In 1999 he earned a patent for a web-based scheduling system. He is currently designing and building an Arts and Crafts home in Northern California with his wife Nicolle and their cat Koby.