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Marc Gabbana is an illustrator and concept artist who works in the advertising, publishing and motion picture industries.

Marc studied architecture at Lawrence Institute of Technology (LIT) in Southfield, MI for a year before enrolling at the Center for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, MI. He graduated in 1990 and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration. His school assignments always had a heavy emphasis on technical accuracy as well as imaginative subject matter, whether it was a 50 foot tall robot intercepting kids throwing snowballs or strange creatures lurking in the shadows. His freelance career began during his third year of school when he began to do projects for various local advertising agencies. By the time he graduated the following year, he had a full roster of clients. Early jobs required Marc to paint a lot of shiny cars for Detroit's ad agencies where he incorporated portions of his imaginative backgrounds at every opportunity. His client base soon reached beyond Detroit and included such companies as Nintendo, Scholastic and Hasbro, as well as Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics to name a few. There were also various magazines and renowned advertising agencies that commissioned Marc to create fantastic images for their publications and advertising campaigns. For the next few years between advertising jobs, Marc began to create an extensive body of work with an emphasis on architectural, vehicle, creature, character and environmental design – works that would reflect his own unique vision.

Soon, Hollywood discovered Marc. His first experience on the movie Spawn, opened a new arena in which Motion Picture Development offered him the opportunity to see his designs come to life on the big screen. Marc fulfilled a lifelong dream by becoming a Star Wars concept artist for both The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones directed by George Lucas. His other film credits include Jimmy Neutron – Boy Genius, 8 Mile, Hellboy and IMAX's first all CG 3D movie Cyberworld where he worked as the Production Designer. He also worked as illustrator and concept designer on the Wachowski brothers' sequels Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions which was immediately followed by The Polar Express directed by Robert Zemeckis with Doug Chiang's design team.

His most recent endeavor is as concept artist on Monster House, directed by Gil Kenan and Steven Spielberg's upcoming motion picture War of the Worlds.