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I was Born on July 21, 1959 in Royal Oak Michigan. Grew up in Farmington Hills Michigan. My father was a Ford automobile designer. Surrounded by auto industry employees the Detroit area had a good deal of support in the arts and industrial design programs at the high school level. This helped keep me busy while I neglected my academics. I graduated from high school in 1977. I attended one year of junior college at a small little place called Suomi College in Hancock, MI. There are a few people I would like to include here that I feel had a significant role in my being where I am today. The first would be a friend's father, Ed Taylor a GM design exec who encouraged me to apply to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA. (of which he was a graduate). He also introduced me to Bill Mitchell the GM styling chief who was responsible for many classic designs such as the Corvette Stingray and the boat tail Riviera. We met at his new studio where two recent AC grads were also working. It was a great look into what I was heading out west to be a part of.

I started AC in 1979. My major was Product Design. I would later change it to Transportation Design. While at AC a classmate of mine introduced me to designer and artist Syd Mead of whom I was and still am a huge fan. At the time Syd was working on the film Tron. That was also the moment when I decided I wanted to work on 'Movies'. Syd's work on films such as Blade Runner (my favorite film), Aliens, Star Trek, has always been a huge inspiration. It's doubtful I would have made it through school without it. Indeed I dropped out half way through to take an extended break, over which, I was married and my wife and I had our first daughter. This was just the motivation I needed to return to school. I graduated from AC in 1985. Out of art center I worked for a painful ten month's at Lockhead Co. where I was hired under false pretenses.

For the next four years I worked as a freelance illustrator and designer mostly in print and "ride and show". A few of the companies I worked for were Sequoia Creative, Apogee, Canon films, as well as teaching "visual communication" at Art Center. My first film project was doing perspective sketches from blueprints on Robocop. In 1990, having sent samples of my work several times, I received that fateful call From Industrial Light & Magic in Marin, CA. I was Hired on at ILM to work on Hook where I had the pleasure of working with effects art director Harley Jessup. But more importantly, I wouldn't know how much more importantly for several years, it was during this time that I met Art Director Doug Chiang. After Hook, I did get to work briefly with Doug on Death Becomes Her and a couple of commercials. However work was too sporadic and now having two young kids I took more secure job with CDROM startup "3DO". Where I art directed a video game called Zhadnost and I gained valuable knowledge in the world of digital art. In 1996 I went to work for product design firm Gingko Design. One of the assignments I was part of at Gingko was working on digital prototypes of the soon to be released Apple "iMac". It was while I was working at Gingko Design when I received the most unexpected call from Doug to work up at the Ranch doing story boards and concept art on Star Wars. Between Episodes I and II, I worked at ILM in the matte dept. mostly on Star Wars. I also did matte paintings on Jurassic Park and Gangs of New York. Currently I am very honored to be working at Ice Blink with Doug and the gang.